9 januari 2011

Home-made fresh sausage

As a young girl I loved watching my grandma make fresh sausage. It usually happened once a year, around Christmas or Easter, after a pig has been slaughtered. The memories of a juicy, warm piece of sausage keep haunting me, so I decided to make it at home too. All I needed was a meatgrinder with a sausage attachment, my grandma had a hand-cranked one, but the world has changed since then and I got myself an electric one. Buying good pork is not a problem and, it appears, if you are on good terms with your butcher, you can always get a few meters of natural casings.

I made 3 kinds of sausage:

The first one is exactly as my grandma used to make: quite fatty pork, cut by hand into tiny cubes (about 0,5 cm), spiced with whole mustard seeds and a very generous helping of garlic.

For the second filling, the pork is coarsely ground and mixed with paprika, cumin, coriander and garlic.

The last one is very finely ground with rosemary, thyme, parsely, sage and lemonzest. I also added a few tablespoons of white whine to it. Of course all sausages are salted well.

Filling the casing was surprisingly easy too:

Here is the result: a whole lot of sausages.

And, most importantly, cooking the sausages. You can find all kinds of advice on the internet, some quite the opposite: puncturing the casing, taking care not to puncture them, baking, grilling, roasting the sausage, letting it soak in hot water... confusing for a beginner, if you ask me. I did what I knew best: did not puncture the casing and fried the sausages on low heat in a cast-iron pan. They came out very juicy and nicely browned.

All of the three kinds of fillings had their special charm, my husband and I did not manage to come up with one favourite. One thing is certain: with a leek mash and some warm tomatoes, it was a meal to remember.